As well as high quality Zirconia frameworks we produce all of our wax patterns digitally to ensure highly accurate substructures for crowns and bridges.

This system also produces perfectly formed anatomical patterns for full crowns, temporary bridges and our e.max pressable ceramics.

We are a full service lab specialising in implant and precision attachment work. We also have a comprehensive Prosthetics department including injection moulded private dentures, Chromes, Gum shields, Bleaching trays, Repairs, Additions and Orthodontics.



Bridges If entire teeth are missing, they can be replaced by bridges, which are supported by two healthy abutment teeth.


Crowns Teeth which demonstrate extensive damage can be restored or optically enhanced with all-ceramic crowns.

Inlays / Onlays

Inlays / Onlays If a tooth is only damaged to some extent a filling is usually sufficient however if the dentist cannot fabricate the alternative is an inlay or onlay.


Veneers Fractured or discoloured teeth or slightly malpositioned teeth can be easily and quickly treated with veneers.



Chrome Cobalt Chrome frameworks constructed in house.



All our private dentures are constructed using the ‘success’ injection moulding system this ensures dimensional stability when processing. Private and Independent dentures are finished in high impact acrylic.